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Love Guidance Forum. Adore, Union and Dating Advice

What exactly is prefer?

What exactly is love? It’s an age question that is old.

I recently found out that “What is love?” is one of the commonly asked questions out there when I have Googled love, relationships and dating.

Cole Porter composed a song, “What is This Thing Called Love” in a song– he never really gives us an answer but he does ask “what is this thing called love” more times than anyone should really repeat themselves.

Jennifer Lopez also asked, “what exactly is Love?” (over and over repeatedly again) as did Haddaway (Baby don’t hurt me), Howard Jones, Vivian Green, Take That, and a complete lot of other music artists. Most likely too many to count. There appears to be a complete lot of confusion out there about “What is Love?”. Possibly rightfully therefore. Even though there are a lot of answers out, it appears that no body actually understands what love undoubtedly is – many side step the question. Although love appears to be a motivating that is prime in individuals life, responding to the question, “what is love” is apparently one thing we now have trouble with. Within the article, “What is Love” Time that is– Magazine they speak about whether or not it is a socially produced phenomenon. Ended up being it produced by the culture of love that people are now living in or is it biological in the wild? To my dissatisfaction, because of the end associated with the article, along with their expert and scientific resources, Time Magazine didn’t provide a satisfying response to “what is love”.

Thus I proceeded to find a solution to “what is love”?

The Beatles state, “All You require is Love”.

Jeremy Taylor says, “Love is friendship set on fire”.

The bible says that Jesus is enjoy. […]